We redesigned and built out the existing site for the
Health Information Tool for Empowerment
that connects people to vital community services.

logo clean up

Hite’s services are very well known, so there was no need to change the already recognizable logo. We decided to simply improve it. The changes made to the font increase ease on the eyes. We gave the “Sun” a more appropriate position.

HITESITE logo after

website design

Users of the site are diverse groups of people of all ages and needs.
Our goal is to help all personas find what they are looking for.

HITESITE website design

main page

The most important feature of the site is it's search functionality, so we focused on revamping it.
For reference, here is a quick guide on keeping all necessary resources in right place - your profile.

HITESITE Main page design

HITESITE Main page responsive intro
HITESITE Main page responsive search
HITESITE Main page responsive how it works

Search Results

The service card shows all necessary information for the user
as a bonus - we made it visible on the map.

HITESITE search results responsive after opening
HITESITE search results responsive filters
HITESITE search results responsive opened map

individual program page

This is a simple service page where the functionality is intuitive and easy to digest.
Here, the user can easily get information about the services and share via email.

HITESITE Program Page
HITESITE Program Page responsive