Building a marketing site for your new app

Michael Gabrian

by Michael Gabrian on 07/25/2017

What to include on your app's marketing page

You're either in the process of building an app or you've just finished creating it and it's really going to change the world.

The problem? No one really knows about it.

Yes, markting is a massive chunk of building up a following for your new app, but having some kind of landing page will also be a big piece of your success. I say this because it's a place for visitors to learn more about your app, find direct access to it, and it gives you the chance to collect emails so you can send them some great content later on.

Let's talk about some things you should include in your marketing site and what benefits you could see.

"Today it's important to be present, be relevant and add value."
- Nick Besbeas

Why you should build a website before your app release

Starting your SEO

We could take some time to invest in the on and off-page SEO as early as possible, and it really won't hurt to consider it.

So how can we optimize your on-page seo?

  • Defining proper heading tags
  • Practicing organized URL structuring
  • Having helpful, clean, keyword rich content

What else could you do to improve your seo early on?

You could invest in your blog and social media accounts. Actively publishing blogs and sharing them through your social channels is a very strong way of improving your SEO. Even if your app hasn't been published yet, you could still release articles discussing potential problems in the industry, setting your app up to be the solution.

Build up followings

Whether you’ve released your app or are still production, building a following is always relevant.

If you’re still building an app, try building a marketing page discussing what your ideas are, where your app is headed, where you’re at in the process, etc. Create some social media accounts and share news across them leading back to your site for people to learn more. This could help build a lot of hype for your release.

On the flip side, if you’ve already released, building a social following could help you reach the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time. This would be perfect for any updates you plan on launching in the near future, etc.

What should you include on your site?

When you really think about what this type of website needs, it really doesn't recquire much more than that of a landing page. Of course it all depends on your goal of the site, but I can assume it's either to build awareness and a following, as well as direct traffic over to the app.

This could all be done on one page with a subscription box and a link to the app, right?

In a way, yes. But there are other elements that you may need to really make that site successful. Let's go over some of these "must-haves".

The must-haves

Subscribe bar

This is a pretty big call-to-action whether you've released the app yet or if it's still in production. The reason we collect email addresses is to send targetting emails to segmented portions. So your email list will be a huge tool when spreading the word on your app, bringing in new traffic, and nurturing leads along the way.

Will you be able to segment your list into a bunch of different segments?

I don't think you'd really have to. I'd assume that most of the people on your list all have the common interest of getting updates on your app's current status, where it's heading, when their will be updates, and any special offers they'll be interested in. You can definitely consider segmenting as your list grows and you learn more and more about your users.

Social icons

I know you know the obvious reasons: easy access to your social channels, easy access to sharing, and another direct line of communication to your team. But what else?

Bizzuka mentions an interesting point. Is your website an information "silo" or "hub"? Your website doesn't have any crazy feature or functionality, this we know. But it also isn't just a page that stores info on your app. People will be coming to your site through your social profiles visa versa.

It also adds a bit of credibility. Today, how many websites do you see that don't include links to their social icons?

App presentation

You really could get away with one landing page as a website for your app. So whether you decide on that route or building out more and more pages, just have some form of presentation on the app. Wordsmithing becomes an art and a scinece wen trying to sell your products. Talk about what it does, how it helps your audience, etc.

A link to download the app - show which devices are compatible

The purpose of your marketing site is to raise awareness of your app. So you have the information discussing what it does and how it will help it’s users, not you need to include a link to download the app.

It’s really a matter of convenience. You could say something to your visitors like, “come find us in the app store!”, but odds are, they won’t.

I only want to make it point to mention including which devices your app is compatible with: IOS, Android, etc. I’ve been led to the app store to find out that some apps aren’t supported by my Android.


If you can include a video of your app in use, that would be awesome! But I think the bare minimum would be to include some screenshots.

I found some really great tips from the Itunes Connect Developer Guide. Let's take a look at a few of them:

  • Don’t combine multiple app screens in the area designed for a single app screen
  • Take screenshots on the target device
  • Provide screenshots in portrait or landscape mode
  • Use the highest resolution Retina devices to make the screenshots
  • Only add minimal graphic overlays when it’s necessary to explain the image
  • If your app behaves differently in other languages, you may localize screenshots
  • Don’t reference specific prices in your app screenshots. Referencing a local currency can mislead customers in other store territories and cause confusion

To actually create great screenshots, there are a few tools, Placeit being one example.

The nice-to-haves

There are a handful of things you could include on your site that would really only help you, though aren't absolutely necessary.


Yes, videos running through what your app will do, why people should consider it, how it works, and so on, are obviously really great. Being that people are visual creatures, it could really only help to include some type of video.

The reason I'm considering this a nice-to-have is because, assuming you are working with a limited budget, it's not absolutely necessary.

When including a website on your site you have to consider a few things:

  • Incorporating the video with your design
  • The time it take to properly format the video into the site (even if miniscule)
  • The cost of having the video produced

I know that this isn'tthe biggest expense your website will see, but it's still something t othink about.


Blogs are really great for websites and if you can add one to your website, you should do it. It's a chance for you t oaddress questions, issues, and ideas that revolve around your app. It helps you connect with your potential audience and helps to boost your SEO.

However, in the big picture, your first website will probably survive without a blog. Though not critical in the beginning stages, I would definitely consider adding one during the second or third release of your website.

To conclude

Building out a one page marketing site for your app is just as important as any other marketing site. Your message should be clear, the design clean, and your call to action prominent; and you should be fine.

If you have any other thoughts on what should go on a marketing site for a new app, post it in the comments below!